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Hello and welcome everyone to KCJC | Kansas City Jesus Christ! We create all around motivational Jesus apparel. Designed to stand out and spark conversations that will ultimately lead more and more people to the kingdom of GOD!!

While sitting around one night with my husband Ken, we started talking about different things we wanted to see happening around us, in our city, and really the world. I began to draw on my phone and the Lord gave me this logo and name KCJC, Kansas City Jesus Christ. I really felt led to start this clothing company more or less as an ice breaker for sharing God with everyone you encounter.


We would all love to be that BOLD person that can just walk up to anyone and tell them that Jesus loves them, but lets face it we aren't all there yet! With this brand it literally starts the conversation for you! Someone will see your clothes and ask "what does that logo mean?" Cue your chance to either show someone their first encounter with Jesus OR meet someone that knows the father already and now you have a new friend in Christ you never would have discovered if you hadn't been wearing the brand! So be bold, be proud, and lets do what God asks of us everyday, to be his hands and feet! Share your Jesus, and love EVERYONE like Him. 

"The Power of the T-Shirt"

I was getting my house sprayed for bug prevention in the late fall. A man I've never met from a company I've never used came over to my house. I was alone with my daughter, it's always a little nerve wracking when people you've never met come over while you're alone. The man seemed nice, he walked around and did the job. When he was done, I was paying him, I was wearing a t shirt that said my church name on it. The man asked me "Do you go to that church?" I replied "yes, yes I do." He went on to tell me that his son and daughter in law both go there as well! I knew them! He also knew another couple I was good friends with! This feeling of peace washed over my body as it then felt like I knew him. We went on to talk about church softball, and a mission trip he just got back from! ALL because of a shirt! If I hadn't been wearing that shirt he would have came and went and we'd both thought nothing about it. Its crazy to me that a simple t-shirt could strike up so much. This is what we want to see these shirts do! Open the lines of communication! God is on the move!

Thanks for all your support!

Amanda Burnett | Founder

Amanda Burnett
KCJC Kansas City Jesus Christ Logo
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