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Prayers change His mind! God never changes his character but he does change his mind! There are many many examples in scripture however I am going to just grab one from Exodus 32 for now! Let's talk a little about Moses and the Israelites! So this is after Moses delivers the Israelites out of Egypt AND slavery that he is up on the mountain about ready to come down with the ten commandments. The Israelites decide Moses was taking a little too long and they gave up on him basically. The Israelites began to make their own God out of gold that they could all gather from their own! And YES Aaron joined in on all of this! #sayWHAT They melted it all down and made a Golden Cow to worship! #pause I mean these are the same people that saw with their own eyes GOD part the red sea through Moses so that they could all escape! They walked through the sea?!?! But I digress, anyways, God told Moses get down this mountain right now! Your people have made their own God and are now worshiping and sacrificing to said cow God. God told Moses he would destroy them ALL and start over with Moses! There it is God said he WOULD destroy them. BUT Moses prayed to God. Then in Exodus 32:14 it says: "And the Lord #relented from the disaster that he had spoken of bringing on his people."

The Lord RELENTED, did you know this word is mentioned some 108 times in the old testament? 108 times God changed his mind! Prayers change His mind! Did you know that it is Gods will to heal! Isaiah 53:5 says: "by HIS wounds we are healed."

1 Peter 2:24: "By HIS wounds you have been healed." So I urge you PRAY for the sick, do not fear, ONLY BELIEVE! James 5:15 says: "the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up." Even if it is your time to go be with the father no where does it say you have to be sick or maimed to go to heaven! The Lord can heal you before you go!

Mark 11:24 say: "Therefore I tell you, WHATEVER you ask for in prayer BELIEVE that you have RECEIVED it and it WILL be yours." Ummm those are #redletters People! Jesus said that, and its not the only time!! Did Jesus sin, tell a little lie here or there?!? NO he didn't he was tempted and did not sin so that he could be a perfect example for us and a perfect offering for the sins of the world! Soooooo who thinks Jesus is playing when he tells you to ask and you will receive? "Do not fear, ONLY believe"... "Believe that you have received it and it will be yours!"

See, the problem is the enemy(the Devil). We get so bogged down with what we see in the natural and what the world tells us, that we can't imagine the miraculous that is God's glory! The world tells you that you are depressed, the Doctor tells you that you're sick, the world tells you that you shouldn't ask God for too much because that's greed! Well my God isn't of this world! I'm not interested in what it looks like in the natural! Greater is he that is in me than he who is in the world! Jesus told us to pray "On Earth as it is in Heaven". I don't know about you but I don't see there being any sick people in heaven.. I don't see there being a bunch of homeless people.. So why wait?!?! PRAY IT. BELIEVE IT. RECEIVE IT. He's telling you over and over again in his word, when are you going to believe it? So I encourage you to pray BIG, Pray without ceasing, pray it until you see it. Believe that you will receive it and don't take your eyes off of Him! God wants to do BIG things! It doesn't matter what it looks like in the natural because he never fails and he never will!

Be Blessed!

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