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Do they want what you say you have?

Let's start this off with a quote from one of my favorites! #toddwhite

"If people don't see Christ in you, they won't want what you say you have. Once you realize you are ACCEPTED in the beloved, you'll never feel rejected by people, why?? Because nobody on this earth can take away what they didn't give you!" -Todd White

The reason I love Todd White is because everything he does is done from LOVE. I truly believe that's where EVERYTHING begins and ends! If Jesus lives inside of all of us and he goes with us everywhere we go.. Why then would we gossip about others? Why would we go to horrible movies and fill our time with negative? How could we ever be offended? Tell me why would we show anything but love to everyone we meet, especially when we are claiming to love Jesus and as a believer have a relationship with him?! I mean if you could physically see Him standing next to you would you talk about others behind their back? Would you ignore people as they pass you walking down the street? Would you judge anyone for anything they have ever done? What kinds of movies and TV shows would you be watching? Believe me it took a long time for me to see things this way! BUT if we all know that he lives inside of us and the bible tells us he never leaves us. Then that must mean he's been there with me, everywhere I've been, everything I've said, and everything I've done. When I see that cross and am reminded of ALL he's done for me, all the pain he endured for me. I can't help but feel an urgency! Say it with me #conviction I can't afford to parade around claiming that I'm a believer, telling everyone what Jesus has done for me and for you, just to turn around after Sunday and live my own life for me, gossiping about others, pointing fingers, judging, and being a hot head over every little thing that goes wrong.

We have to strive for more! We don't have forever on this earth! In fact none of us know when our time is over here. Do you really want to wait till the last minute to start living, I mean really living!? Will you be OK misrepresenting Jesus to someone? I'm in no way saying we have to be perfect that's impossible. We are all 0% perfect and 100% Forgiven! John 9:23 says: "Then He said to them all, 'If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.'" We must take every thought captive every day! When thoughts come in you have to decipher who's talking. Is it you, Holy Spirit, or the enemy. You stand guard at the door of your own heart and you decide what comes through! The enemy will try to get you with suggestions, but you can choose to disagree with it! Each time you do this and decide to agree with what God says about you it gets easier and easier! You will transform from thinking what the enemy says is "just the way life goes" to being able to spot him from a mile away, ready to tell him to get lost! No one said it was going to be easy BUT nothing in life ever worth having was ever easy!

So let's push pause in our everyday lives and think first WWJD ( What would Jesus do?) We just can't afford to mislead anyone or turn them off to Jesus! If he lives in you, you should be changed! You should be different! You should be a light! Let's all Strive to show others the King of Kings! The one who died for ALL of us! God is Love, so let everything begin and end with that, because love never fails!

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